Associació d'Usuaris de Java de Catalunya > Introduction

The "Associació d'Usuaris de Java de Catalunya" (AUJAC) was a non-profit association that intended to group all users in one of its various forms of the Java object-oriented programming language created by James Gosling at Sun MicroSystems.
AUJAC was forged as an idea during the celebration of a Java course and under the initial creation of the Sabadell JUG by Jordi Pujol Ulied, founder and president of Aujac throughout its existence, during April 2000.
The interest was very high and soon a first meeting was called to establish the statutes and the first Board of Directors. The meetings took place quickly and with an important collective effort that could be seen in the various meetings that took place in Sabadell, the entity's headquarters.

The founding partners of Aujac were:

  • Jordi Pujol Ulied (president)
  • Xavier Pi i Palomés (vice president)
  • Marc Munill i Bernandich (secretary)
  • Josep Folch i Serra (treasurer)
  • Brother Munuera Pubill (vocal)
  • Mónica Rayo Moragon (vocal)
  • Albert Soler i Crosas (vocal)
  • Pere Brugue i Pujol

At the end of 2000, the association was established and recognized by the Government of Catalonia, being registered in the General Register of Legal Entities with registration number: 23889
On the other hand, AUJAC was recognized by Sun MicroSystems as the official JUG of Catalonia, and in 2003, AUJAC became the 16th most important JUG in the world: Top25 JUG Program.